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Whether you are a self-employed driver or a limo operator (SLC, VLC, etc.),
you certainly wonder how to make life easier while earning more money.
With its technology and a suitable marketing strategy, CarASAP is your ally.

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The Addison Lee technology: guaranteed profitability

CarASAP gives you access to the leader in on demand transportation: Addison Lee. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to efficiently attribute your vehicles to customers while anticipating assignments and their destination. CarASAP is the only Belgian operator using Addison Lee's technology.


A winner's choice

Become a CarASAP partner and you win

  • Trips are distributed in a fair and transparent way between drivers. The dispatching service is efficient and listens to the drivers.
  • Connections are optimized. Make more trips and have less timeouts.
  • Our regulators and our technology point out the high potential areas to you.
  • You are connected to railway stations and airports, so that you can be at the right place at the right time.
  • Your Smartphone application offers geolocation and management helps you manage (cashless) payments.
  • Our regulators are there for you in case of surprises, accidents, car breakdowns or difficult customers. They keep their heads cool and assist you.
  • You receive training for the use of our technology as well as for customer communication.
  • CarASAP deals with inciting customer demands thanks to its marketing, communication and prospection.
  • You will join a winners' team, with a purpose: transforming the on-demand transportation industry.

Your competence is our asset

CarASAP selects its partners rigorously. Whether they are licensed self-employed drivers or limo operators, customer satisfaction depends on their competency. We require a perfect knowledge of the region, listening skills, a friendly and service-oriented disposition, discretion and impeccable looks.

Vehicles must be clean, comfortable, recent, and of course properly insured as well as complying with the applicable regulations.

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