Our mission

Belgium lacks services of vehicles with drivers, and that is where CarASAP comes in. We offer a reliable, comfortable and affordable means of transportation to our customers. Thanks to our technology, anybody can book a journey (immediate or in advance) with a professional driver - either online, via Smartphone App or by telephone.


The solutions

An optimal availability of our vehicles

CarASAP optimizes the communication between drivers and users thanks to geolocation and data processing. Efficient fleet control guarantees a smooth availability of the CarASAP services.

Exclusive and customized service

All CarASAP drivers hold a professional license. They are selected for their qualities and trained by CarASAP. All CarASAP vehicles are well maintained and comfortable.

No surprises

The price of a trip is known from the moment you book your CarASAP.


The average CarASAP rates are lower than the ones practiced on the market. CarASAP's first priorities are the drivers' performances and impeccable service.

An intercity transport mode

CarASAP's prices are not restricted by regulations. Therefore, we do not charge extra for intercity trips. This means cheaper prices for our users, since the majority of vehicles circulating in Brussels on a daily basis belong to commuters.

Cashless payment

Retail customers enter their banking details once and for all. CarASAP sends you a detailed electronic invoice at the end of your journey. Corporate accounts are invoiced at the end of each month and receive a detailed reporting of the used services.

Less mobility problems

Together with public authorities, CarASAP wishes (a) to help reduce the mobility issues we are facing in Belgium and (b) promote a multimodal approach to transportation.

Less CO2 emission

Multimodal approach contributes to less CO2 emission.


An Addison Lee technology

Addison Lee is CarASAP's technological partner. Addison Lee is a leader of the on demand transportation industry. In London alone, Addison Lee manages 4.500 vehicles and 16.000 corporate accounts.

The technical and operational follow-up offered by Addison Lee is part of the success of major transport innovators such as LeCab in Paris.

With the support of Brustart